Mugs by Kenn Penn

Illustrated portraits for your online personality.

Make an impression

Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful, full-color illustrated portrait. It's unique, it's personal, it's the logo for the brand that is you.

Ditch the old photo

An illustration can show more of your personality, enhance your unique facial features, and place you in a context of color and patterns that communicate much more about you than any photo ever could.

Get that personal touch

It's real easy! Email a couple of photos, and a number where I can reach you. I'll call you, get to know you, and send you back, in two or three days, a portrait you will love.

Pop out!

You're invested in your online life, and to more and more people, your online persona is you. Friends, family, professional contacts see and remember you everyday as a little square picture, among many other little square pictures. Maybe it's time you stood out of the crowd, and expressed your full personality in a unique, engaging way.

I can provide:

All it takes to get started is to send a few photos to, along with your phone number and a good time to call you. I'll contact you for a quick chat, and in a few days you'll get your new illustrated portrait, brimming with attitude, mystery, power and beauty.

So go out there, get your shots, and email them to me today! I can't wait to see what we come up with.



Photo Tips

Don't worry about the background in your photos, or the clothes you're wearing, or whether your hair looks perfect. That's my job! However, you'll get better results if you make sure to:

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